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Niang Jia Taiwan Drama Series Soundtrack Download

Jumat, 16 Oktober 2009 |

Niang Jia Taiwan

Niang Jia (娘家) is a populer Taiwan Drama Series with Taiwan Hokkianese Dialect, aired in Taiwan Television FTV 民視 (Min Shi).

Niang Jia now is so famous, as long as the soundtracks. The soundtracks including singer Weng Lik You with title "Xing Qi" (行棋 - Persist). Weng Lik you also famous for his great Taiwan hits 我问天 (wo Wen Tian).

Other singer is Su Rui or Julie Su, with song "Qian Shou" (牵手 - Hold Hand). Su Rui is a Taiwanese Female singer popular in the 80-90's. Her remarkable songs such as 酒干倘卖无 (Jiu Gan Tan Mai Wu or in Taiwanese Dialect Jiu Kuan Tan Bei Bo) and 我不该看你的眼神 (Wo Bu Gai Khan Ni De Yen Shen) duet with 钟镇涛 (Zhong Zhen Tao or ABee).

Niang jia Soundtrack :

1. 明天你是否依然爱我 - Ming Tian ni Shi Fo Yi Ran Ai Wo
Singer : 童安格 - Tong An Ge

2. 行棋 - Xing Qi
Singer : 翁立友 - Weng Lik You

3. 牵手 - Qian Shou
Singer : 苏芮 - Su Rui

Download Niang Jia Taiwanese Drama Series Soundtrack Here
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