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Z Chen new album "Love Secret" download

Jumat, 16 Oktober 2009 |

z chen Love Secret

Z Chen or Zhang Zhi Cheng (张智成) is a Chinese-Malaysian singer, with nickname "R & B Little Prince". Malaysia Queen of Love Song Fish Leong also is Z Chen cousin.

Z Chen new album "Love Secret" released on his 10th anniversary in chinese music. This album contains his last single "Enchanted" or Mi Hun Zhen (迷魂阵).

Album : Love Secret (暗恋) - An Lian
Artist : Z-Chen (张智成) - Zhang Zhi Cheng
Release : 30 March 2009
Language : Mandarin

Track List:
01.迷魂阵 (Mi Hun Zhen)
02.爱来的刚好 (Ai Lai De Gang Hao)
03.暗恋 (An Lian)
04.爱与罚 (Ai Yu Fa)
05.第四者 (Di Si Zhe)
06.可爱不可爱 (Ke Ai Bu Ke Ai)
07.残骸 (Can Hai)
Bonus Track:
08.The Key Of Love

Download Z Chen new album "Love Secret" download here
Password to extract this album : Click here

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