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Xiao Yu new album Stand Here

Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2009 |

xiao yu standing here

Xiao Yu is a Taiwanese R&B singer and song writer. Xiao Yu had worked behind the scenes and composed songs for popular singers like Elva Hsiao, Danson Tang, and Vivian Hsu, before he debuted as a singer with the release of his self-titled album in 2008.

Xiao Yu new album "Stand Here" or Jiu Zhan Zai Ze Li, contains 11 nice songs. Xiao Yu always speaking directly from his heart through music rather than words. Fans begin to compare Xiao Yu with Wang Lee Hom.

Album : Stand Here (就站在这里) - Jiu Zhan Zai Zhe Li
Artist : Xiao Yu (小宇)
Release : 09 June 2009
Language : Mandarin

Track List:
02.就站在这里 (Jiu Zhan Zai Zhe Li)
03.练爱 (Lian Ai)
04.爱上 (Ai Shang)
05.你很好 (Ni Hen Hao)
06.说分手之后 (Shuo Fen Shou Zhi Hou)
07.一颗苹果 (Yi Ke Ping Guo)
08.漂亮女孩 (Piao Liang Nü Hai)
09.Every Time
10.换换换 (Huan Huan Huan)

Download Xiao Yu new album "Stand Here" here
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