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Angela Zhang new album The 5th Season

Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2009 |

angela zhang the 5th season

Angela Zhang, a Taiwanese popular singer and actress finally released her new album after break for 2 years. Her new album "The 5th season" will follow her latest album in December 2007 "Ang 5.0". Angela, who famous for her latest drama "Romantic Princess" had taken a long absence due to her heart condition.

This new anticipated album including Angela new looks and new singing styles, and contains her duet with Harlem Yu for the theme song of Zhang Ziyi's comedy Sophie's Revenge.

Singer : Angela Chang 張韶涵 - Zhang Shao Han
Album : 第5季 - The 5th Season - Di 5 Ji
Release Date : Sept 25, 2009
Language : Mandarin 國語


1. 第5季 (diji)
2. 白白的 (bai bai de)
3. 看得最远的地方 (kan de zui yuan de de fang)
4. 幸运之吻 (xing yun zhi wen)
5. 摇摆头 (yao bai tou)
6. 偶尔 (ou er)
7. 我要你的 (wo yao ni de)
8. 寻找爱蜜莉 (xun zhao ai mi li)
9. 再快乐一点 (zai kuai le yi dian)
10. I Started A Joke

Download Angela Zhang new album "The 5th Season" here
Password to extract this album : Click Here

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