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Freya Lin new album Tears Withdrawn

Rabu, 05 Januari 2011 |

Freya Lin Tears Withdrawn

Freya Lin is a Taiwan singer and song composer who debut in 2000 with self titled album. Freya Lin was nominated "Best new artist" in Taiwan Golden Melody Award 2001.

After absent from Mandopop scene for almost ten years, Freya Lin came back with her new record company Rock Records. Freya once again collaborated with her team mate while producing Hot Shot soundtrack, Jim Lee.

The album has 11 songs, including theme song for San Lih TV Drama "The Fierce Wife (犀利人妻)" such as "五天幾年" and "重傷"

Singer : Freya Lin (Lin Fan)
Album : Tears Withdrawn (眼淚流回去 - Yan Lai Liu Hui Qu)
Released Date : 28 December 2010
Label : Rock Records (TW)

Track List :

01. 重傷 - Zhong Shang
02. 當我想起你時笑了 - Dang Wo Xiang Qi Ni Shi Xiao Le
03. 五天幾年 - Wu Tian Ji Nian
04. 飛了 - Fei Le
05. 最美的意外 - Zui Mei De Yi Wai
06. 眼淚流回去 - Yan Lei Liu Hui Qu
07. 這樣愛你好可怕 - Zhi Yang Ai Ni Hao Ke Pa
08. 記得懂得捨得 - Ji De Dong De She De
09. 蝴蝶效應 - Hu Die Xiao Ying
10. say what you want

Download Freya Lin new album Tears Withdrawn here


Freya Lin Tears Withdrawn

Freya Lin Tears Withdrawn

Watch Freya Lin new single Yan Lei Liu Hui Qu (眼淚流回去) Video here

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