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Edison Chen new album Confusion

Jumat, 31 Desember 2010 |

Edison Chen Confusion

Edison Chen is a Hong Kong singer and actor. After his photo scandal happened in 2008, Edison Chen ever said he would quit the stage. Fortunetely, Edison Chen is back with his new album in 3 years. on his 30th birthday last October, Edison actually had came up with his new song "Mr. Sandman".

Edison Chen new album "Confusion" including his hits song "Mr. Sandman", a collaborative version with Sammi Cheng and MC Hot Dog. Edison also gets a help by Jay Chou in single "I Can Fly" which was composed by Jay Chou.

Singer : Edison Chen (陳冠希 - Chen Guan Xi)
Release Date : 30 December 2010
Genre: Pop
Language: Mandarin/Cantonese

Track List :

01. Mr. Sandman 造梦先生
02. Dreams 梦
03. 李琛琛留言
04. Where Are You 冠希, 你在哪里?
05. Super Mario
06. Man In the Mirror 镜中人
07. Running 跑 , 逃
08. Homecoming 回家
09. 继续做
10. Apple电脑开机声音
11. Reboot 关机 , 开机
12 跟女朋友讲电话
13. Sky Blue Pink 破晓時刻
14. I CAN FLY 我可以
15. 昂首跨步
16. Salute 敬礼

Download Edison Chen new album Confusion


Edison Chen Confusion

Edison Chen Confusion

Watch Edison Chen new single "Mr. Sandman" MV Video here

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