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Will Pan new album 808

Jumat, 14 Januari 2011 |

Will Pan 808

After a year and half since his last album 007, American born Taiwan singer Will Pan (Pan Wei Bo) released his anticipated album "808". Recently Will Pan is busy for his new drama "Endless Love" with sweetheart Sandrine Pinna.

The number '808' is for the 80s hip-hop style music that must be in it and for Handsome Pan's birthday being August 1980. Will Pan changed a lot in his new album, he sprayed his hair white for a "retro-future feeling"

Singer : Will Pan (潘瑋柏 - Pan Wei Bo)
Album : 808
Release Date: 14 January 2011
Genre: Pop Dance
Language: Mandarin

Track List :

01. 全面通緝 - Quan Mian Tong Ji
02. 未來愛情 - Wei Lai Ai Qing
03. 觸動 - Chu Dong
04. U U U
05. 電腦 - Dian Nao
06. 次世代 - Ci Shi Dai
07. 我們都怕痛 - Wo Men Dou Pa Tong
08. 小小螞蟻 - Xiao Xiao Ma Yi
09. 我的電話 - Wo De Dian Hua
10. 肩膀 - Jian Bang
11. 最終 - Zui Zhong

Download Will Pan new album 808 here


Will Phan photos in album 808

Will Pan 808

Will Pan 808

Will Pan 808

Will Pan 808

Watch Will Pan (潘瑋柏) single Quan Mian Tong Ji (全面通緝) HQ Video here

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