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Della Ding new album Soul Mate

Selasa, 25 Januari 2011 |

Della Ding Soul Mate

After a huge success with her fourth album "Fu Good", Chinese singer Della Ding ((丁噹) popularity suddenly rise like a rocket. Her hits song "Wo Ai Ta" was used as drama "Autumn's Concerto" Ost. Single Wo Ai Ta even awarded as the second most popular KTV song of 2010.

Della Ding released her latest album, fifth album titled "Soulmate". The album was helped by several famous musicians such as Pete Martin and Mayday.

Her new album Soulmate, while in chinese language is Wei Lai De Qing Ren (Future Lover). Della Ding said she was looking for a boyfriend, and the single is expressing her feelings.

Single 冷血動物 is used as a theme song for Online Game 公主回來了 (Gong Zu Hui Lai Le)

Singer : Della Ding (丁噹)
Album : Soulmate (未來的情人)
Released Date : 21 January 2011
Label : Believe In Music

Track List :
01. 冷血動物 (線上遊戲阿洛斯代言與廣告主題曲╱中天綜合台戲劇「公主回來了」片頭曲) - Leng Xie Dong Wu
02. 一半 (偶像劇「歡迎愛光臨」片尾曲╱中天娛樂台戲劇「雙面膠」片頭曲 ) - Yi Ban
03. 未來的情人 - Wei Lai De Qing Ren
04. 最後一次寂寞 - Zui Hou Yi Ci Ji Mo
05. 多愛少怪 - Duo Ai Shao Guai
06. 踹來共 - Chuai Lai Gong
07. 想原諒 (中天娛樂台戲劇「雙面膠」片尾曲) - Xiang Yuan Shuo
08. 很愛過 (中天綜合「公主回來了」片尾曲) - Hen Ai Guo
09. Symphony
10. 夢交響 (2011高雄燈會主題曲) - Meng Jiao Xiang
11. Back-up

Download Della Ding album Soulmate

Della Ding photos in album Soulmate

Della Ding Soul Mate

Della Ding Soul Mate

Della Ding Soul Mate

Della Ding Soul Mate

Watch Della Ding 丁噹 new single Yi Ban (一半) MV Video here

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