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Alan Kuo new album No Fear

Senin, 06 Desember 2010 |

Alan Kuo No Fear

Alan Kuo is Taiwanese singer and actor which debuted in 2005. He also acted in several Taiwan drama such as Sweet Relationship, KO 3an Guo. As a singer, Alan Kuo has a deep and husky voice.

There has been 2 years since his latest album One Day, Alan Kuo released his latest album No Fear. During this time, Alan Kuo had a hard time whether to stop her music career and focus to his business coffee shop. But finally he felt liberated and realized that in music there is no place for fear! That inspired him to continue his work on a new album.

Singer : Alan Kuo (柯有倫 - Ke You Lun)
Album : No Fear (無畏無懼)
Released Date : 03 December 2010
Language : Mandarin

01. 無畏無懼 - Wu Wei Wu Ju
02. 美麗 - Mei Li
03. Lies You Said
04. 我恨你 (Feat.楊乃文) - Wo Hen Ni
05. 醒來後 - Xing Lai Hou
06. 愛你 - Ai Ni
07. 流浪 - Liu Lang
08. 再給我多一天 - Zai Gei Wo Duo Yi Tian
09. 你的謊 (Lies You Said 中文版) - Ni De Huang
10. 全力以赴 - Quan Li Yi Fu

Alan Kuo No Fear

Download Alan Kuo new album No Fear here

Watch Alan Kuo (柯有倫) new song No Fear (無畏無懼) Video here

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