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Sherman Chung new album One Mission

Kamis, 29 Juli 2010 |

Sherman Chung One Mission

Sherman Chung (鍾舒漫) is a Hong Kong cantopop singer who started her career after winning 2005 EEG singing Contest. Then she released her first album Good Girl in 2007. Last year, Sherman began to fame with album "A letter to myself".

Sherman Chung released her fifth cantonese album "One Mission", featuring her self composed single "童話國 - Tong Hua Guo" story about the feeling of being married woman. As for the theme, Sherman CHung said, "Everyone's life has a mission, my duty is following music for a lifetime." Sherman personally wrote 4 songs, and one song titled Puzzle (拼圖) was composed by Deep Ng (Ng Ho Hong).

Artist : Sherman Chung (鍾舒漫 - Chung Shu Man)
Album : One Mission
Released Date : 29 July 2010
Language : Cantonese
Publisher : EEG Emperor Entertainment Group (HK)

Track List :

01. 童話國 - Tong Hua Guo
02. I Don't Worry
03. 拼圖 - Pin Tu
04. 買物提案 - Mai Wu Di An
05. 80之後 - 80 Zhi Hou
06. 談判桌上 - Tan Pan Zhuo Shang
07. 強者的誕生 - Jiang Zhe De Dan Sheng
08. 信則有迷信則無 - Xin Ze You Mi Xin Ze Wu
09. 萬世風景 - Wan Shi Feng Jing
10. 一天的愛有幾多 - Yi Tian De Ai You Ji Duo

Download Sherman Chung new album One Mission

Sherman Chung One Mission

Watch 鍾舒漫 (Sherman Chung) new single 80之後 video here

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