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Han Geng mandarin album Geng Xin

Selasa, 27 Juli 2010 |

Hangeng mandarin album Gengxin

Han Geng (韓庚) or Hankyung in Korea is a member of Korean boy band Super Junior, and leader of sub group Super Junior M. With Super Junior M, Han Geng had released their first mandarin album Me in 2008.

After being a part of Super Junior for 5 years, Han Geng finally released his first mandarin album in his home country with album "Geng Xin". Single "My Logo" was composed by Michael Jackson's choreographer Travis Payne to create dance steps.

Artist : Han Geng
Album : Geng Xin
Language : Mandarin
Released Date : 03 August 2010
Label : Gold Typhoon (TW)


01 My Logo
02 因為 夢 - Yin Wei Meng
03 心疼.筆記本 - Xin Teng Bi Ji Ben
04 給陌生人的情書 - Gei Mo Sheng Ren De Qing Shu
05 撑伞 - Cheng San
06 简单的人 - Jian Dan De Ren
07 爱的翅膀 - Ai De Chi Bang
08 Say No
09 女皇 - Nu Huang
10 飛蛾撲火 - Fei e Pu Huo

Han Geng album Geng Xin photos

Hangeng mandarin album Gengxin

Hangeng mandarin album Gengxin

Hangeng mandarin album Gengxin

Download Han Geng new album Geng Xin

Watch Hangeng new single My Logo Music Video (MV) here

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