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Karen Mok new album Baby

Rabu, 04 Agustus 2010 |

Karen Mok Bao Bei

Hong Kong singer and actress Karen Mok released her new album in 2010 titled "Baby - 寶貝". Karen Mok had won a lots of awards and Golden Melody nominations for Best Mandarin Album and Best Mandarin Female Singer for her album Hui Wei.

The album main song Bao Bei was composed by Karen Mok herslef and China's top music producer Zhang Yadong.

Karen Mok composed all 10 songs on this new album, which has cost more than one million HK dollars - despite the downturn in the music industry. Meanwhile, it is also sponsored by the Queensland Tourist and Travel Corporation. She went to Queensland for one week and shot 6 music videos and the cover photo.

Singer : Karen Mok (Mo Wen Wei)
Album : Baby (寶貝 - Bao Bei)
Released Date : 23 July 2010
Label : Universal Music (TW)
Language : Mandarin

Track List :

01.Good Bye
02.艾美麗愛美麗 - Ai Mei Li Ai Mei Li
03.寶貝 - Bao Bei
04.獨一無二 - Du Yi Wu Er
05.耳朵要解渴 - Er Duo Yao Jie Ke
06.沒有圍牆的世界 - Mei You Wei Qiang De Shi Jie
07.完美孤獨 - Wan Mei Gu Du
08.洗澡時唱的歌 - Xi Zao Shi Chang De Ge
09.飲食男女 - Yin Shi Nan Nu
10.執子之手 - Zhi Zi Zhi Shou
11.選擇題 (電影 杜拉拉升職記 插曲) - Xuan Ze Ti

Download Karen Mok new album Bao Bei

Karen Mok Bao Bei

Watch Karen Mok 莫文蔚 new single Bao Bei (寶貝) MV video

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