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Della Ding new album Fu Good

Jumat, 09 Juli 2010 |

Della Ding Fu Good

Della Ding (丁噹) is a Chinese singer debut in 2006. After three albums, Della Ding released her new and forth album titled "Fu Good (Best and Selection)".

The album produced by Mayday's Ashin, Paula Ma, Adia, and Andrew Chu, featuring 10 of Della famous hits including themes song of Autumn's Concerto "我愛他 Wo Ai Ta".

Della Ding also includes 10 songs from other famous singers such as David Tao, Wang Lee Hom, and western singer Whitney Houston and Beyonce.

Singer : Della Ding (丁噹)
Album : Fu Good (下一站天后.自選+精選)
Released Date : 16 July 2010
Language : mandarin
Publisher : Believe In Music

Track List :

CD 1 [自選盤]
01. 我是一隻小小鳥 (原唱:趙傳) - Wo Shi Yi Shuang Xiao Xiao Niau
02. 洋蔥 (原唱:楊宗緯) - Yang Cong
03. 飛機場的10:30 (原唱:陶喆) - Fei Ji Chang De 10:30
04. Kiss Goodbye (原唱:王力宏)
05. 飄洋過海來看你 (原唱:娃娃) - Piao Yang Guo Lai Kan Ni
06. 分手吧 (原唱:張震嶽) - Fen Shou ba
07. 不只是朋友 (原唱:黃小琥) - Bu Zhi She Pheng You
08. Crazy In Love (原唱:Beyonce)
09. 大海 (原唱:張雨生) - Da Hai
10. I Will Always Love You (原唱:Whitney Houston)

CD 2 [精選盤]
01. Fu Good
02. 猜不透 - Cai Bu Tou
03. 我愛他 - Wo Ai Ta
04. 你為什麼說謊 - Ni Wei Shen Me Shuo Huang
05. 可以不可以 - Ke Yi Bu Ke Yi
06. 我不怕 - Wo Bu Pa
07. 離家出走 - Li Jia Chu Zou
08. 明白 - Ming Bai
09. 花火 - Hua Huo
10. 我愛上的 - Wo Ai Shang De

Download Della Ding Dang album Fu Good (Best + Selection)
CD 1
CD 2

Watch Della Ding 丁噹 single "Wo Ai Ta" 我愛他 Ost Autumn's Concerto Video here

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