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Tedd Chan album Love Anthem

Selasa, 08 Juni 2010 |

Tedd Chan (曾国珲 Chan Kwok Fai) is a Malaysia Chinese singer born in Ipoh. He is the winner of Astro Talent Quest in 2005. Tedd Chan launched his first single in 2006 Believe In Love which is also the advertisement song for Sony Cybershot. Another album he had released such as "Vois" and "Smile" in 2007.

Tedd Chan new album "Love Anthem", also his first attempt at thematic compose where he uses love as a starting point to form the entire concept of his album. After being signed on to the international music company, the local artiste hopes to release the album in Hong Kong and China Guangdong.

Artist : Tedd Chan (曾国珲) - Chan Kwok Fai (Ceng Guo Hun)
Album : Love Anthem
Release Date: 2010.05.20
Language: Mandarin

Track List :
01. 爱情荒 - Ai Qing
02. private party
03. 唯一答案 - Wei Yi Da An
04. 情。流感 - Qing. Liu Gan
05. 如果能重新恋爱 - Ru Guo Neng Chong Xin Lian Ai
06. 通俗情话 - Tong Su Qing Hua
07. 全民爱 - Quan Min Ai

Download Tedd Chan new album Love Anthem

Photos of Tedd Chan in Love Anthem

Watch Tedd Chan 曾国珲 - Qing. Liu Gan 情。流感 Video MV here

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