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Isabelle Huang Ling new album Special

Selasa, 22 Juni 2010 |

Isabelle Huang Ling Special

Isabelle Huang or Huang Ling is a Shanghai singer famous after her popular hit titled 癢 (Itch) was sung in One Million Star season 3 and Supergirl 2009. The original singer, Isabelle Huang Ling, immediately recommended from various people on Baidu. Her rich voices includes genres like pop, R&B, ballads, and dance songs, plus her chinese folk musical style. She also sung a song titled Ahiba, used in Game Sim 2.

After gained a high success in her first album Itch (2007), Huang Ling comes back in 2010 with her second album "Special". Fans can hear her unique sound combining contemporary pop and traditional chinese music with high vocal skills. The album also contains her trademark songs such as 癢 (Itch) and HIGH歌 (High Song).

Singer : 黃齡 - Isabelle Huang (Huang Ling)
Album : 特別 - Special (Te Pie)
Released Date : 22 June 2010
Label : Universal Music (HK)
Language : Mandarin

Track List :

01. 小城故事 - Xiao Cheng Gu Shi
02. 特別 - Te Bie
03. HIGH歌 - High Ge
04. 愛壞 - Ai Huai
05. 原諒 - Yuan Liang
06. 騎士 - Qi Shi
07. 太后 - Tai Hou
08. 癢 - Yang
09. 不怕痛 - Bu Ba Tong
10. 靈芝緣 - Ling Zhi Yuan

Downloadd Isabelle Huang Ling new album "Special" here

Huang Ling Photos :

Isabelle Huang Ling Special

Isabelle Huang Ling Special

Watch Isabelle Huang Ling (黄龄 ) single Itch (痒) MV here

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