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Fiona Fung new album Sweet Melody

Selasa, 22 Juni 2010 |

Fiona Fung Sweet Melody

Fiona Fung is a Hong Kong singer and composer, began to be recognized by Hong Kong media in 2003 with her English song "Proud Of You". In 2008, Fiona Fung sang several songs for TVB Drama such as single "Shining Friends" for TV series "Hearts of Fencing" themes song, and "Find Your Love" for TV Series "Sunshine Heartbeat" themes song.

Before 2007, Fiona Fung usually work behind the scenes at first, so not many public had seen the face of Fiona Fung. But later Fiona Fung decided to join the SONY BMG, and began to release her debut CD "A Little Love" in 2008.

Fiona Fung new album "Sweet Melody" released with 20 tracks. Fans may hear again her beautiful voice usually they heard on several well-known CM Songs and TV Drama themes songs. The hits tracks such as her award-winning rendition of the classic beverage CM song "如果…陽光 - Ru Guo Yang Guang", and another beverage CM song "U Are My Everything".

Singer : 馮曦妤 Fiona Fung (Fung Hei Yu)
Album : Sweet Melody
Released Date : 10 June 2010
Label :Sony Music Entertainment (HK)
Language : Cantonese / Mandarin

Track List :
01. Prelude
02. 如果…陽光 - Ru Guo Yang Guang
03. Just Be Yourself
04. Joyful Day
05. 細細個 - Xi Xi Ge
06. Childhood
07. 远视 - Yuan Shi
08. Happy Time
09. 我在夢中見過你 - Wo Zai Meng Zhong Jian Guo Ni
10. U Are My Everything
11. 幸せ笑顔 - Xing Shi Xiao Yan
12. Little Johnny
13. 愛情機器 - Ai Qing Ji Qi
14. 逃不掉 (答謝信Demo) - Tao Bu Diao
15. 世界的…我的 - Shi Jie De Wo De
16. 天生不對 (我決定走了 Demo) - Tian Sheng Bu Dui
17. 我們的隊友 (Make a Wish Demo) - Wo Men De Dui You
18. Regret (幾多Demo)
19. You Are My Everything
20. Athena

Download Fiona Fung new album Sweet Melody Here

Fiona Fung Sweet Melody

Watch 馮曦妤 (Fiona Fung) single 如果陽光 (Ru Guo Yang Guang) Video here

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