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Lu Yao new album Winding Road

Senin, 14 Juni 2010 |

Lu Yao Winding Road

Lu Yao (陸瑤) is a model from China northern part Harbin. With height 179 cm and weight 42 kg, plus a D Cup Bra, Lu Yao has grown up to win beauty pageant as well as modeling prizes, but her real dream actualy is to become a singer. To pursue her dream, she made a long journey to Taiwan and meet producer Howard Ho to finally released her first album titled "路遙 - Lu Yao".

With a short hair style, Taiwan People always wrong recognize her as Xiao S, therefore Lu Yao is also called "tall version of a Xiao S".

Lu Yao new album "路遙 - Lu Yao" which means a long journey, showed Lu Yao determination to achieve her dreams as a singer, although must take a long journey cross ocean. The album also consists some songs composed by Taiwan singer- songwriter Shadya Lan.

Artist : :陸瑤 Lu Yao
Album : 路遙 Winding Road
Release:11 june 2010

Track list
01. 愛襲警報 - Ai Xi Jing Bao
02. 路遙 - Lu Yao
03. 遺憾的美麗 - Yi Han De Mei Li
04. 暖咖啡 - Nuan Ka Fei
05. 越過換日線 - Yue Guo Huan Ri Xian
06. Super Lover
07. I Do
08. 冷香水 - Leng Xiang Shui
09. 特調愛 - Te Tiao Ai
10. 愛情就在這裡 - Ai Qing Jiu Zai Ze Li

Download Lu Yao new album Winding Road here

Photos of Lu Yao

Lu Yao Winding Road

Lu Yao Winding Road

Lu Yao Winding Road

Watch Lu Yao 陸瑤 single Lu yao 「路遙」完整版 Video MV here

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