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Yoga Lin new album Senses Around

Rabu, 04 November 2009 |

yoga lin senses around

Yoga Lin or Lin You Jia, is a winner of Taiwan Singing Competition "One Million Star". After begin to get famous for his first album "Mystery V.I.P (Shen Mi Jia Bin)", Yoga Lin continue to produce his new album "Senses Around (Gan Guan Shi Jie)".

Senses Around album is built around the theme of human communication. The amusing first single "见什么吃什么 (kan jian shen me chi shen me)", written by famous Hong Kong lyricist Wyman Wong, features a cannibalism theme with the underlying moral of never judging people by their looks.

专辑名称:感官/世界 - Gan Guan Shi Jie (Senses Around)
演唱歌手:林宥嘉 - Lin You Jia (Yoga Lin)
专辑语种:Mandarin (Pop) [MP3/VBR/58MB]

专辑曲目 (Track List) :

01.关于我(Intro) (guan yu wo(intro))
02.解high人 (jiehighren)
03.看见什么吃什么 (kan jian shen me chi shen me)
04.耳朵 (er duo)
05.飘 (piao)
06.说谎 (shuo huang)
07.心酸 (xin suan)
08.唐人街 (tang ren jie)
09.歇斯底里 (xie si di li)
10.另一个自己 (ling yi ge zi ji)
11.感同身受 (gan tong shen shou)

Download Yoga Lin new album "Senses Around" here

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