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Myolie Wu new album Loveholic

Senin, 30 November 2009 |

myolie wu loveholic

Myolie Wu Hang Yee (Hu Xing Er) is a runner up of Miss Hong Kong 1999, and a Hong Kong TVB Actress turned into singer. Her popularity in TVB rose highly while she stared in Golden Faith as Gallen Lo' Sister, casted together with Raymond Lam.

Myolie Wu
now is five star actress in Hong Kong like Tavia Yeung, Charmaine Sheh, Fala Chen, and Linda Chung.

The rumoured girlfriend of Bosco Wong, had released her debut album in 2008 entitled Evolve. Now Myolie Wu released her second album "Loveholic", including song 有意 (You Yi) which is a themes song of TVB drama "Burning Flame 3" duet with Kevin Cheng.

Another duet song is 一刀了断 (Yi Dao Le Duan) with Julian Cheung Chilam (Zhang Zi Lin).

歌手姓名:胡杏儿 - Hu Xing Er (Myolie Wu)
製作发行:Neway Star Music
专辑语言:Cantonese (Pop) & Mandarin

专辑曲目 (Track List) :

01.恋爱妄想 (lian ai wang xiang)
02.光明日 (guang ming ri)
03.同情分 (tong qing fen)
04.灵魂伴侣 (ling hun ban lü)
05.一刀了断 (feat.张智霖) (yi dao le duan) duet with Julian Cheung
06.有意 (feat.郑嘉颖) (you yi) duet with Kevin Cheng - Ost. Burning Flame 3
07.寻爱 (xun ai) - Mandarin

Download Myolie Wu new album Loveholic Here

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