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Cindy Yen feat Jay Chou Hua Sha

Sabtu, 14 November 2009 |

Cindy Yen Jay Chou Hua Sha

Cindy Yen music video "Hua Sha" or Sand Painting, duet with Jay Chou. Hua Sha is a R&B song composed by Cindy Yen herself. Cindy had a lot of suffers just to got Jay Chou's duet approval. At first, the song had been rejected several times by Jay. After suffering rejection twice in a row, Cindy persisted in doing her best, she kept thinking about music that suits both their domains and feel, she even especially designed a rap in the song for Jay Chou, she worked on it all night, and at last got Jay Chou's approval.

In the music video, you can watch the amazing Cindy Yen playing piano and violin, while Jay show his talent again in playing Cello. The two "harmonize the two instruments to perform the beautiful dialogue between the piano and cello."

Artist : Cindy Yen 袁詠琳 (Yen Yong Lin) and Jay Chou 周杰倫 (Chou Jie Lun)
Song : Sand Painting 画沙 (Hua Sha)
Album : 同名专辑Cindy

Download Hua Sha MV here

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