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A Shin new album While I

Senin, 23 November 2009 |

Shin While I

A Shin (Su Jian Xin) or Shin, is a Taiwan rock singer from band of his name "Shin", and an actor also as A Shin also acted as a minor role in Taiwan drama Honey and Clover, Summer X Summer, Westside Story, At Dolphin Bay.

Shin sold chicken curry on the streets and sang in different pubs before becoming a singer. A Shin famous for his strong voice and deep penetration, debuted his first solo album "It's Me on September 2007, and his second "Take Me To The Star" on October 2008. Now Shin comes back with his new album "While I". Shin is a few Chinese singer, who has that explosive voice for songs in this genre and seems far away from the limelight.

Album : While I (趁我) - Chen Wo
Artist : Shin (信)
Release : 20 November 2009
Language : Mandarin

Track List:
01.回来 (Hui Lai)
02.不能没有你(OT:Na.Sala.Saengjeone) (Bu Neng Mei You Ni)
03.趁我 (Chen Wo)
04.独领风骚 (Du Ling Feng Sao)
05.火烧的寂寞(韩剧.".灿烂的遗產.".片头曲) (Huo Shao De Ji Mo)
06.追赶世界(OT:Scared.Demo) (Zhui Gan Shi Jie)
07.靠背 (Kao Bei)
08.疯狂 (Feng Kuang)
09.再生 (Zai Sheng)
10.公主的迷信(OT:What I'm Missing) (Gong Zhu De Mi Xin)

Download Shin new album "While I" here

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