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Jolin Tsai new album Myself

Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010 |

Jolin Tsai Myself

Taiwan Diva Jolin Tsai released her new album Myself even though she still got serious injured while praticing ballet in her last album Butterfly. Like as always, in this album Myself, Jolin will be showing some new killer dance moves.

Jolin worked with Benny Ninja, America’s Next Top Model instructor, and Ahn Hyung Suk, TVXQ’s dance teacher. Album Myself is the eleventh studio album released by Jolin Tsai and second released under Warner Music Taiwan.

Singer : Jolin Tsai (蔡依林)
Album : Myself
Released Date : 13 August 2010
Language : Mandarin
Label : Warner Music (TW)

01. 美人計 (Mei Ren Ji)
02. Missed Call
03. 玩愛之徒 (Wan Ai Zhi Tu)
04. Secret Talk
05. 派大星 (Pai Da Xing)
06. Let's Start The Dance
07. 黑髮尤物 (Hei Fa You Wu)
08. 無言以對 (Wu Yan Yi Dui)
09. L'amour Est Parti
10. 小傷口 (Xiao Shang Kou)
11. 娘子漢 (Niang Zi Han)
12. 七上八下 (Qi Shang Ba Xia)
13. 解散愛 (Jie San Ai)
14. I Love You Too
15. 即時生效 (Ji Shi Sheng Xiao)

Download Jolin Tsai album Myself here

Photos of Jolin Tsai in album Myself

Jolin Tsai Myself

Jolin Tsai Myself

Jolin Tsai Myself

Watch 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai new single Honey Trap (美人計) video here

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