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Show Luo new album Lovers Puzzle

Rabu, 20 Januari 2010 |

Show Luo Lovers Puzzle

The Taiwan idol Show Luo (Alan Luo) come back this new year with his new album "Luo Sheng Men". Luo Sheng Men may be refer to Rashomon, a Japanese crime mystery film in 1950.

This new album is the stylish dance king's seventh solo album, released about a year after last winter's Trendy Man. The album also contains some soundtracks for his latest drama with Rainie Yang "Hi My Sweetheart" including the opening theme 爱疯头 (ai feng tou), 爱不单行 (ai bu dan xing), 生理时钟 (sheng li shi zhong).

专辑名称:罗生门 - Luo Sheng Men
歌手姓名:罗志祥 - Lo Zhi Xiang
专辑语言:Mandarin (Pop) [MP3/VBR/62MB]

01 罗生门 (luo sheng men) (Rashomon)
02 爱的主场秀 (ai de zhu chang xiu) (Loves Home Show)
03 生理时钟 (sheng li shi zhong) (Biological Clock)
04 习惯就好 (xi guan jiu hao) (Habits Like)
05 危险的念头 (wei xian de nian tou) (Dangerous Idea)
06 爱疯头 (ai feng tou) (Love Crazy Head)
07 爱不单行 (ai bu dan xing) (Love is not One-Way)
08 搞定 (gao ding)
09 为什么要在一起 (wei shen me yao zai yi qi) (Why Together)
10 老实讲 (lao shi jiang) (Frankly)
11 WOW (Feat.萧亚轩(Elva Hsiao))
12 In You Eyes (Feat.杨丞琳 (Rainie Yang))

Download Show Luo new album "Lover's Puzzle" here

Watch Show Luo 罗志祥 single 爱不单行 Ai Bu Dan Xing Soundtrack of Drama 海派甜心 (Hi My Sweetheart)

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