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Eva Huang new album Everyday

Rabu, 06 Januari 2010 |

Eva Huang Everyday

Eva Huang (Huang Sheng Yi) may be first recognized from her appearance in Stephen Chow movie "Kungfu Hustle". Although only roled a minor part as Fang, a Lollipop Girl, Eva had rised her popularity since that time. Her similar face with Crystal Liu also made her famous. But her bikini photoshoot in Maxim Magazine made Eva must end the contract with Stephen Chow's company.

Eva Huang usually appearanced in Wuxia or Chinese Legend TV Series like Sword Stained with Royal Blood (2007), and Tian Xian Pei (2007). As a singer, her debut album in July 2008 titled "Eva Huang" didn't get a high expectation.

Her new album titled "选美 Everyday - Beauty Contest Everyday) released this new year. This album shosw Eva Huang's addiction to beauty contest from Monday to Sunday. Huang decided to leave the land with smart chic, every day a new beginning, a game every day, every day a new self.

专辑名称:选美 - Xuan Mei Everyday
歌手姓名:黄圣依 - Huang Sheng Yi (Eva Huang)
专辑语言:Mandarin (Pop) [MP3/VBR/48MB]

专辑曲目 (Track List) :

01.不再为爱流泪 (bu zai wei ai liu lei)
02.旁观人生 (pang guan ren sheng)
03.东风 (dong feng)
04.十全十美 (shi quan shi mei)
05.男宠 (nan chong)
06.有梦有朋友 (you meng you peng you)
07.真爱面对面 (zhen ai mian dui mian)
08.今年我最红 (jin nian wo zui hong)
09.不要说得不到 (bu yao shuo de bu dao)

Download Eva Huang new album "Everyday" here

Watch Eva Huang Sheng yi (黃圣依) - 不再爲愛流淚 (bu zai wei ai liu lei) video here

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