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Rainie Yang Shanghai Sweethearts Rainie & Love

Selasa, 05 Januari 2010 |

Rainie Yang Rainie Love

Taiwan Idol Rainie Yang (Yang Cheng Lin) proved herself again as Queen of Idol Drama in 2009. Her latest drama with Show Luo "Shanghai Sweethearts - 海派甜心" really punched out.

To start 2010, Rainie Yang released her brand new album "Rainie & Love" after more than 14 months since her latest album "Proclamation Not Yet a Woman" in 2008. Rainie Love or Yu Ai (雨爱) is the ending theme song for drama "Shanghai Sweethearts". Like with her previous album, the cute diva trys out new and different musical and vocal styles, cheerful and sad.

专辑名称:雨爱 - Yu Ai (Rainie Love)
歌手姓名:杨丞琳 - Yang Cheng Lin (Rainie Yang)
专辑语言:Mandarin (Pop) [MP3/VBR/57MB]

专辑曲目 (Track List) :

01.雨爱 (yu ai)
02.In Your Eyes (feat.罗志祥) feat Show Luo
03.青春斗 (qing chun dou)
04.调皮的爱神 (diao pi de ai shen)
05.折叠式爱情 (zhe die shi ai qing)
06.匿名的好友 (ni ming de hao you)
07.要我的命 (yao wo de ming)
08.绝对达令 (jue dui da ling)
09.新流感 (xin liu gan)
10.二度恋爱 (er du lian ai)

Download Rainie Yang new album "Rainie & Love" here

Watch Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 new single RaiNie Love 雨愛 MV 完整版 video here

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