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Sam Lee new album Forgive Me I Did Not Say

Senin, 21 Desember 2009 |

sam lee forgive me i did not say

After debuting a decade ago, and changed music label for four times, Taiwan's romance pop singer Sam Lee (Lee Sheng Jie) comes back with her new album "Forgive Me If I Did Not Say". This album released near 2 years after his last new brand album "So Fun" on January 2008.

Single "古老的大钟 - The Old Clock" is an old slow classic song with a Christmas Holiday influence. Single "原谅我没有说 - Forgive Me I Did Not Say" invite Chinese poet Li Cheuk-hung for Li Sheng Jie lyrics tailored to capture the love and regret.

This album including 1 Hokkian Song titled "最痛的感受 (zui tong de gan shou)". Sam Lee duet with Melody Yeung (杨韵禾) also featured in single "时差 (shi cha)".

专辑名称:原谅我没有说 - yuan liang wo mei you shuo (Forgive Me I Did Not Say)
专辑语言:Mandarin (Pop) [MP3/VBR/59MB]

专辑曲目 (Track List) :

01.古老的大钟 (gu lao de da zhong)
02.切歌 (qie ge)
03.抱歉 (bao qian)
04.原谅我没有说 (yuan liang wo mei you shuo)
05.花花世界 (hua hua shi jie)
06.时差 (shi cha) ft. Melody Yeung
07.明白 (ming bai)
08.偷幸福 (tou xing fu)
09.最痛的感受 (zui tong de gan shou)

Download Sam Lee new album "Forgive Me I Did Not Say" here
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Watch 李圣杰 Sam Lee - Old Clock 古老的大钟MV(【V】首播完整版) video here

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