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Huang Jing Lun new album OK Man

Sabtu, 12 Desember 2009 |


Huang Jing Lun (Jing Wong) is a Singapore singer who got famous after joined One Million Star Season 3 (超級星光大道3), and once packed with Peter Pan, Stanley Xu, Yoga Lin and Judy Chou.

After released his first debut album Jing's Note in 2008, his popularity rises highly after particapated in Jiro Wang and Cyndi Wang's new idol drama "Momo Love".

Now, this alumnus of Singapore Institute of Management released his second album titled "Ok Man", with a cover showed him open a shirt like superman.

专辑名称:OK MAN
歌手姓名:黄靖伦 - Huang Jing Lun
专辑语言:Mandarin (Pop) [MP3/VBR/69MB]

专辑曲目 (Track List) :

01.我的妈 (wo de ma)
02.OK Man (ok man)
03.透明人 (tou ming ren)
04.我会一直记得 (wo hui yi zhi ji de)
05.咸鱼 (xian yu)
06.旧伤 (jiu shang)
07.我们的SHOW (wo men deshow)
08.心碎雨 (xin sui yu)
09.怎么爱都累 (zen me ai dou lei)
10.敌不过 (di bu guo)

Download Huang Jing Lun new album OK Man here

Watch Huang Jing Lun 黄靖伦 single Ok Man Video here

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