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Sunny Xie new single Ni Bu Pei

Minggu, 27 Maret 2011 |

Sunny Xie Ni Bu Pei

Chinese sweet singer Sunny Xie (Xie Rong Er) come back with a new song after a sensational debut last year. Her debut Cat & Fish released on 10 December 2010 gained a lot of attention from media, and praised her cheerful voice.

Sunny Xie released her new single Ni Bu Pei in a 13 tracks album. The other songs come from her previous songs including herself composed single "Ni Zhi Dao Wo Dui Ni De Hao".

Single Ni Bu Pei (You Do Not Deserve) is a sad love song, showed us how women are still got hurt the
most from men.

Singer : Sunny Xie (谢容儿)
Album : Ni Bu Pei 你不配
Release Date: 16 March 2011
Language: Mandarin

Track List :

01.你不配 - Ni Bu Pei
02.你是貓兒我是魚 - Ni Shi Mao Er Wo Shi Yi
03.蘿蔔白菜各有所愛 - Luo Bo Bai Cai Min You Suo Ai
04.你知道我對你的好 - Ni Zhi Dao Wo Dui Ni De Hao
05.公主 - Gong Zhu
06.年華 - Nian Hua
07.天使愛 - Tian Shi Ai
08.少年 - Shao Nian
09.淡藍色的浪漫 - Dan Lan Se De Lang Man
10.瑪麗叔叔的冒險 - Ma Li Shu Shu De Mao Xian
11.愛情城堡 - Ai Qing Cheng Bao
12.吃不完的愛 - Chi Bu Wan De Ai
13.你不配 - Ni Bu Pei

Download Sunny Xie new album Ni Bu Pei Here


Sunny Xie Ni Bu Pei

Watch Sunny Xie Rong Er (谢容儿) new single Ni Bu Pei (你不配) Video here

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