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Christine Fan Fan new album Love and Fan Fan

Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011 |

Christine Fan Fan Love & Fan Fan

Taiwan Singer Christine Fan or Fan Fan must be very happy now. She has been engaged with Taiwan Host Blackie (Hei Ren) and they are preparing their wedding ceremony in 2011.Busy in her wedding, Fan Fan has not released album for more than 1 years since her last album F-One in 2009.

To celebrate their wedding and Fan Fan 10 anniversary in music industry, Fan Fan released album "Love and Fan Fan". The album contains 10 sweet song including single "Twilight" composed by FanFan's confidante Tina Wang Ya Jun. Single Honey (蜂蜜) is a jazz genre, show how happy Fan Fan is now.

Singer : Christine Fan (范瑋琪)
Album : Love & Fan Fan
Release Date: 18 March 2011
Genre: Pop
Language: Mandarin
Label : Decca Records (TW)

Track List :

01.蜂蜜 - Feng Mi
02.最重要的決定 - Zui Zhong Yao De Jue Ding
03.雙雙 - Shuang Shuang
04.左上角的心跳 - Zuo Shang Jiao De Xin Tiao
05.壞了良心 - Huai Le Lang Xin
06.暮光 - Mu Guang
07.我不愛了 - Wo Bu Ai Le
08.勇敢的唱 - Yong Gan De Chang
09.小王子 - Xiao Wang Zi
10.從小到大 - Zhong Xiao Dao Da

Download Christine Fan new album Love & Fan Fan here


Christine Fan in Album Love & Fan Fan Photos :

Christine Fan Fan Love & Fan Fan

Christine Fan Fan Love & Fan Fan

Watch Christine Fan Fan new single Mu Guang (暮光) Video here

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