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Janice Vidal new album Love Diaries

Senin, 25 Oktober 2010 |

Janice Vidal Love Diaries

Janice Vidal (衛蘭 or Wei Lan) is a popular Hong Kong singer, and also a twin sister of singer Jill Vidal. She is born from Filipino Father and a Chinese Korean Mother.

Janice Vidal released her new album "Love Diaries" after several postponed due to a typhoon Catfish. Many fans praised her cover and songs. Her songs including her duet with Joey Wong titled "男人信什麽 - What Do Men Believe", and theme song for her latest movie "Frozen" titled "為你鐘情 - Smitten With You" duet with Aarif Lee.

Singer : Janice Vidal (衛蘭)
Album : Love Diaries
Released Date : 27 October 2010
Publisher : East Asia Music

Track List :

01. 你的女人 - Ni De Nu Ren
02. 愛在天地動搖時 - Ai Zai Tian De Dong Yao Shi
03. 2012
04. 積雪 - Ji Xue
05. 温差 - Wen Cha
06. 唯愛人間 - Wei Ai Ren Jian
07. 男人信什麽 (Duet with JW) - Nan Ren Xin Shen Me
08. Make It Real
09. 為你鐘情 (Duet with 李治廷) - Wei Ni Zhong Qing
10. Never Know (Duet with 李治廷)
11. 越夜越有機 - Yue Ye Yue You Ji
12. 恋人も濡れる街

Download Janice Vidal new album Love Diaries here

Watch Janice Vidal new song "男人信什麽 Nan Ren Xin Shen Me" duet with Joey Yong here video

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