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Andy Lau new album Unforgettable

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010 |

Andy Lau Unforgettable

To celebrate his 30 years of career life, Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau will perform his latest concert series "Unforgettable" at the Hong Kong Coliseum at the end of 2010. Before the concert, Andy Lau also released his long awating album "Unforgettable".

Andy Lau recently gave all his wealth to his wife, a former Malaysia Queen, Carol Zhu (Zhu Liqian).With his years now turn into 50, Andy still looks very energetic because he does a treadmill and a half hours physical exercise everyday.

Album Unforgettable consists 2 CD, each contains 11 cantonese songs, and 11 mandarin songs. Cantonese songs, including the humorous first plug "人辦 Role Model" (by Sam Hui), "一生何求 What One Seeks in Life" (Danny Chan), "蔓珠莎華 Manjusaka" (Anita Mui), "忘不了你 Can't Forget You" (Alan Tam), and Stand Up (Leslie Cheung).

The mandarin songs including "孤兒淚 Orphan Tears" (Teresa Teng), "大眼睛 Big Eyes" (Frankie Kao), "三月裡的小雨 Drizzle in March" (Liu Wen Zheng), and "被遺忘的時光 Forgotten Times" (Tsai Chin).

Singer : Andy Lau 劉德華 (Liu De Hua)
Album : Unforgettable (忘不了的 - Wang Bu Liao De)
Release Date: 2010.10.13
Language: Mandarin/Cantonese

Track List

CD 1 (粵語) - Cantonese
01. 人辦 - Ren Ban
02. 阿信的故事 - A Xin De Gu Shi
03. 信自己 - Xin Zi Ji
04. 天籟…星河傳說 - Tian Lai.. Xing He Chuan SHui Shuo
05. 蔓珠莎華 - Man Zhu Sha Hua
06. 最愛是誰 - Zui Ai Shi Shui
07. Stand Up
08. 一生何求 - Yi Sheng He Qiu
09. 忘不了你 - Wang Bu Le Ni
10. 漫步人生路 - Man Bu Ren Sheng Lu
11. I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye

CD 2 (國語) - Mandarin
01. 掌聲響起 - Zhang Sheng Xiang Qi
02. 被遺忘的時光 - Bei Wei Wang De Shi Guang
03. 三月裡的小雨 - San Yue Li De Xiao Yu
04. 大眼睛 - Da Yan Jing
05. 踏浪 - Ta Lang
06. 孤兒淚 - Gu Er Lei
07. 北國之春之榕樹下之故鄉的雨 - Bei Guo ZhiChun Chi Rong Shu Xia Zhi Gu Xiang De Yu
08. 巧合 - Qiao Ge
09. 小丑 - Xiao Chou
10. 總有一天等到你 - Zong You Yi Tian Deng Dao Ni
11. 珍愛舞台 - Zhen Ai Wu Tai

Download Andy Lau new album Unforgettable here

Andy Lau in album Unforgettable Photos :

Andy Lau Unforgettable

Andy Lau Unforgettable

Andy Lau Unforgettable

Andy Lau Unforgettable

Watch Andy Lau 劉德華 new album Unforgettable 忘不了的 preview and video here

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