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Lala Hsu new album Limits

Kamis, 02 September 2010 |

Lala hsu Limits

After being the best newcomer singer last year, Taiwan new comer Lala Hsu will release her second album Limits. Lala Hsu is the winner of One Million Star season 3, and her debut album Lala gained so many awards.

Her new album Limits was composed while Lala just broke up with her boyfriend. Lala Hsu revealed the title song “Limits” was written during her most painful time.

The album was also composed by top musicians such as Will Lin, Chen Chien Chi, Mavis Fan, Waa Wei, and Sodagreen's Wu Qing Feng.

Singer : Lala Hsu (徐佳瑩 - Xu Jia Ying)
ALbum : Limits (極限 - Ji Xian)
Released Date : 10 September 2010
Language : Mandarin
Label : AsiaMuse Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Track List :

01. 我家 - Wo Jia
02. 極限 - Ji Xian
03. 懼高症 - Ju Gao Zheng
04. 香水 - Xiang Shui
05. Love
06. 綠洲 - Lu Zhou
07. 殘愛 - Can Ai
08. 樂園 - Le Yuan
09. 時間大師 - Shi Jian Da Shi
10. 迪斯可 - Di Si Ke

Download Lala Hsu new album Limits here

Photos of Lala Hsu in album Limits :

Lala hsu Limits

Lala hsu Limits

Watch Lala Hsu new single Limits Video here

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