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Hannah Kim album Delicate

Jumat, 10 September 2010 |

Hannah Kim Ling Long

Hannah Kim (金海心) is a Chinese singer from Chaoxian minority ethnic group (Chinese from Korean Descent). She had began popular in China mainland after released her debut album in 1999. Her album titled "Independance Day" in 2006 was ranked high in Chinese pop chart, especially the song Right Hand Ring (右手戒指).

Hannah Kim 2010 new album "Delicate", this album is full of Chinese Classic songs, expressed the unique voice of Hannah Kim, with highly competent vocals.

Singer : Hannah Kim (金海心 - Jin Hai Xin)
Album : Ling Long (玲珑 - Ling Long)
Language : Mandarin
Released Date : 09 September 2010

Track List :

01. 我们的生活充满阳光加入 - Wo Men De Sheng Huo Chong Man Yang Guang Jia Ru
02. 天涯歌女 - Tian Ya Ge Nu
03. 送别 - Song Bie
04. 牡丹之歌 - Mu dan Zhi Ge
05. 月圆花好 - Yue Yuan Hua Hao
06. 牧羊曲 - Mu Yang Qu
07. 乡恋 - Xiang Lian
08. 让我们荡起双桨 - Rang Wo Men Dang Qi Shuang Jiang
09. 歌声与微笑 - Ge Sheng Yu Wei Xiao
10. 小白船 - Xiao Bai Chuan
11. 同一首歌 - Tong Yi Shou Ge

Download Hannah Kim new album Delicate here

Hannah Kim in album Delicate Photos :

Hannah Kim Ling Long

Hannah Kim Ling Long

Hannah Kim Ling Long

Hannah Kim Ling Long

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