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Shadya Lan album Love in London

Minggu, 16 Mei 2010 |

Shadya Lan Love in London

Shadya Lan (Lan You Shi) is a Taiwanese singer and songwriter famous for her song “Ceng Jing Tai Nian Qing” (曾經太年輕) used for Taiwan Drama "The Hospital".

More than a year since her debut album "The Secret", Shadya Lan released her second album "Love in London". The album contains song "Ni" used as ending theme song for Ariel Lin drama They Kiss Again.

Artist:藍又時 Shadya Lan
Album Title:倫敦的愛情 Love In London
Label:亞神音樂 AsiaMuse Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Release Date:2010-05-07
Language:國語 Mandarin


01. 倫敦的愛情 - Lun Dun De Ai Qing
02. 魚的淚 - Yu De Lei
03. 一體兩面 - Yi Ti Liang Mian
04. 圓規 - Yuan Gui
05. 誰比誰 - Shui Bi Shui
06. 聽聽 - ing Ting
07. 聽我的勸 - Ting Wo De Quan
08. 序 - Xu
09. 最懂我 - Zui Dong Wo
10. 你 - Ni

Download Shadya Lan new album Love in London here

藍又時 倫敦的愛情 MV (完整版)

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