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Rene Liu album Together

Minggu, 02 Mei 2010 |

Rene Liu Together

Taiwan popular artist and singer Rene Liu (Liu Ruo Ying) is releasing her first album in two years. Rene Liu who popular in early 2000 for her song Hou Lai and Hen Ai Hen Ai Ni, is having a busy year in 2010.

First she starred in the romantic comedy Hot Summer Days with a star-studded cast that includes Jacky Cheung, and she joined B'in Music ready for a brand new adventure on the Mando-pop scene.

Her new album "Together" consists of 10 songs including single "Wo Men Mei You Zai Yi Qi" the themes song of Taiwan Drama "Ps Man".

Artist : 劉若英 - Rene Liu
Album : 在一起 - Together
Released Date : 16 April 2010

Track List :

01. 繼續 - 給15歲的自己 (OT:手紙) - Ji Xu - Gei 15 Sui De Zi Ji
02. 我們沒有在一起 (台視、三立偶像劇[偷心大聖PS男]片尾曲) - Wo Men Mei You Zai Yi Qi (Ost. Ps Man)
03. 我不想念 (中天韓劇 他們的世界 主題曲) - Wo Bu Xiang Nian
04. 風和日麗 - Feng He Ri Li
05. 直接 - Zhi Jie
06. 好強 - Hao Jiang
07. 他為你挾菜 - Ta Wei Ni Jia Cai
08. 長椅 - Chang Yi
09. 你不要送花給我 - Ni Bu Yao Sung Hua Gei Wo
10. 同桌的妳 - Tong Zhuo De Ni

Download Rene Liu new album Together here

Watch Rene Liu 劉若英- Wo Men Mei You Zai Yi Qi 我们没有在一起 (完整版)-偷心大圣PS男片尾曲
Ost PS Man video here

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