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Twins new album 3650

Minggu, 07 Agustus 2011 |

Twins 3650

Hong Kong duo singer Twins had just celebrated their 10th anniversary this July. Twins had experiences so much laughs and tears over the ten last years, especially for Gillian Chung.

To celebrate their anniversary, Twins released their brand new album 3650, and had been 1 year and a half since their latest album Everybody Bounce Up

Hits song including summer pop 3650, and Wo Men Zhi Jian. Most of their songs are happy with cheerful melody. Good luck and happy anniversary to Twins.

Singer/band: Twins
Title: 3650
Release date: 20 July 2011
Language: Mandarin [HK]
Style: pop

01. 3650
02. 我們之間 - Wo Men Zhi Jian
03. Talk to me
04. 留言牆 - Liu Yan Qiang
05. 同時重生 - Tong Shi Chong Sheng
06. 你會幸福的 - Ni Hui Xing Fu De
07. 他不適合你 - Ni Bu Shi He Ni
08. 夏宇的愛情 - XIa Yu De Ai Qing
09. Rainbow
10. 友愛十年 (Medley) - You Ai Shi Nian

Twins in album 3650 Photos :

Twins 3650

Twins 3650

Twins 3650

Twins 3650

Download Twins new album here

Watch Twins single 3650 Music Video here

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