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Raymond Lam new album LF

Selasa, 26 Juli 2011 |

Raymond Lam LF

After released his first mandarin album First, Hong Kong TVB Actor Raymond Lam come back with his sixth album (second mandarin album) LF. Raymond just hold a concert Light Up My LIVE this summer, and had been very busy with his drama My Sister of Eternal Flower.

Raymond new album LF including single Light Up My Life which is Ost My Sister of Eternal Flower, and several mandarin versions of Raymond previous Cantonese songs.

Singer : Raymond Lam (林峰 - Lin Feng)
Album : LF
Release date: 22 July 2011
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin [HK]
Style: pop

01. LF
02. Chok
03. Broken
04. 11:53 P.M.
05. Baby Lady
06. 03:16 A.M.
07. 試煉 - Shi Lian
08. 06:41 A.M.
09. Light Up My Life
10. 我很痛 - Wo Hen Tong
11. How Deep
12. Outrasound
13. 似是而非 - Yi Shi Er Fei
14. 人一個 - Ren Yi Ge
15. 熱能放送 - Re Neng Fang Song

Download Raymond Lam album LF

Watch Raymond Lam single You Light Up My Life

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