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Show Luo new album Only For You

Kamis, 17 Februari 2011 |

Show Luo Only For You

In 2010, Taiwan singer Show Luo became king of album sales for the first time with his seventh album Rashomon. Now he released his eight Mandarin album "Only For You".

Show Luo has a new image for his new album, show his new trained body in rose petal bath. His abs and muscle become more solid. To create his new image, he met with trainer Eddie Pan, learning aerobic exercises, strengthening his heart and lungs, and building his physique, quickly losing 6kg in 20 days.

Unlike his previous releases, Show Luo markets this album with a touching ballad called 'What Am I Fighting For (拼什麼)', a song which deeply resonates within us as we are reminded of the trials and tribulations he underwent to achieve the success he enjoys today.

In MV for single Only You, Show Luo do a stunning dance move, which was choreograph by Shaun Evaristo, made the looks of the Asia Dancing King as brilliant as ever. Show Luo spent $5 million to recreate retro European scenery, but also creating the first "Anti-gravity filming technique," bringing Show to the nether dimension in the music video!

Singer : Show Luo (羅志祥 - Luo Zhi Xiang)
Album : Only For You (獨一無二 - Du Yi Wu Er)
Release Date: 18 February 2011
Language: Mandarin
Label : Gold Typhoon (Taiwan)

Track List :

01.獨一無二 - Du Yi Wu Er
02.美麗的誤會 - Mei Li De Wu Hui
03.拼什麼 - Pin Shen Me
04.Touch My Heart
05.舞所遁形 - Wu Suo Dun Xing
06.怕安靜 - Pa An Jing
07.強出頭 - Qiang Chu Tou
08.忍住 - Ren Zhu
09.口頭纏 - Kou Tou Chan
10.愛享瘦 - Ai Xiang Shou
11.拼什麼 (獨秀知音版) - Phin Shen Me

Download Show Luo new album Only For You here


Show Luo photos in album only For You

Show Luo Only For You

Show Luo Only For You

Show Luo Only For You

Show Luo Only For You

Watch Show Luo (羅志祥) in single Only For You (獨一無二) Video here

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