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Lena Yang new album Wu Fa Wu Tian

Sabtu, 03 April 2010 |

Lena Yang Wu Fa Wu Tian

Lena Yang (楊青倩 - Yang Qing Qian) is Mandopop new comer who had released her first debut single titled "Lena - Wu Lin Shao Nu EP" last september. Born in Shanghai, Lena Yang is a martial art learner and had attended several martial arts international competition.

Since debut Last September, Lena Yang had already stolen the media limelight with a fresh beautiful faces combining with a good dance with a martial arts background.

Lena Yang new album "Wu Fa Wu Tian" released with her new sweet smile style, and still including several titled related to martial arts like "Shi Fu Shuo". The album lines up five top producers in Gary Chaw, Wang Zhong Yan, Chen Guan Fu, Eriky Lee, and Ma Song Wei, and includes songs like Yue Er You Wan Wan (a duet with Gary Chaw).

Artist : 杨青倩 - Lena Yang (Yang Qing Qian)
Album : 武法舞天 - Wu Fa Wu Tian
Released Date : 5 February 2010

Track List:
01. 武法舞天 - Wu Fa Wu Tian
02. 師父說 - Shi Fu SHuo
03. 喜歡走在太陽下 - SXi Huan Zou Zai Tai Yang Xia
04. 練習不想他 - Lian Xi Bu Xiang Ta
05. 月兒又彎彎 - Yue Ren You Wan Wan (Ft. Gary Cao)
06. 樂天派 - Le Tian Pai
07. 長大 - Chang Ta
08. 天天完美 - Tian Tian Wan Mei
09. 黑白圈圈 - Hei Bai Quan Quan
10. 舞限幻想 (樂天派、師父說、月兒又彎 彎、練習不想他、喜歡走在太陽下) - Wu Xian Huan Xiang

Download Lena Yang new album "Wu Fa Wu Tian" here

Photos of Lena Yang in Wu Fa Wu Tian Album

Lena Yang Wu Fa Wu Tian

Lena Yang Wu Fa Wu Tian

Lena Yang Wu Fa Wu Tian

Lena Yang Wu Fa Wu Tian

Watch Lena Yang 楊青倩 single Shi Fu Shuo 師父說 MV Video here

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