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Kelly Chen new mandarin album Chasing Dreams

Kamis, 18 Maret 2010 |

Kelly Chen Chasing Dream

It has been a long time since Hong Kong diva Kelly Chen to produce a mandarin songs, and now after gave birth to her son Chace last summer, Kelly Chen finally comeback with her anticipated mandarin album Chasing Dreams.

After five years since her last mandarin album Eternal Sunshine, Kelly used to release a Cantonese album like Kellylicious on May 2008.

Since Kelly Chen now is married with Alex Lau in 2008, she seems to reduce her entertainment activities and movie. Her last film was An Empress and The warriors, casted with Leon Lai.

Her new album "Chasing Dreams" should be one of her best album in a few years. Single Wei Guang 微光 is a rock ballad with a positive message that encourages deprived children not to give up hope. The album also featuring Hong Kong Disneyland CM Song Xing Fu De Kuai Che - 幸福的快車 and duet with Alan Tam Wang Ai - 望愛

Artist: Kelly Chen 陳慧琳 - Chen Hui Lin
Album: Chasing Dreams 微光 - Wei Guang
Released Date : 16 March 2010
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Pop/Ballad

Track List
01. 你讓我懂 - Ni Rang Wo Dng
02. 愛情天使的一面 - Ai Qing ian Shi De Yi Mian
03. 快樂移動 - Kuai Le Yi Dong
04. 微光 - Wei Guang
05. 愛的學校 - Ai De Xie jiao
06. 永遠的褔氣 - Yong Yen De Fu Qi
07. 雨天 - Yi Tian
08. 現在進行式 - Xian Zai Jin Xing Shi
09. 幸福的快車 (香港迪士尼樂園虎年新春廣告主題曲) - Xing Fu De Kuai Che (Hong Kong Disney Land CM Song)
10. 望愛 (陳慧琳 + 譚詠麟) - Wang Ai (Duet With Alan Tam)

Download Kelly Chen Mandarin Album Chasing Dreams here

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